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Leila Mead

Hand Printed Jeans Multi

Hand Printed Jeans Multi

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Size: Waist 28 inches (would fit a size UK 8 and small 10)

White Denim Jeans Hand Printed with a mixture of my Lino Print Designs in Turmeric, Indigo and Red Eco Fabric Paint.

Choose something sustainable and unique for your Summer wardrobe this year with these one of a kind short shorts that are perfect for dancing at festivals, evenings out or simply to inject a bit of joy into your day to day outfits.

- Please note that as every print is handmade and unique there may be subtle differences in ink density on the item, shown in item images.

- This is fabric paint so will NOT come off in the wash.

- As with any item of clothing, it is recommended that you wash on 30 degrees with a detergent that does not contain bleach.

- Colours may vary slightly from photos due to item being viewed on different screens. We have tried to make the photos as accurate as possible.

- Please feel free to message me with any questions over on the "Info + Contact" section of my website.

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